Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Recently, the story of Catherine Faye Ewing, the woman who WCBDD’s Ewing School was named in honor of, surfaced during a records retention project. In reading her story, a quote she made stood out: “Never give up. To pause is misery, to move is, in some unseen way, joy and perhaps eventual victory.” The timing of the article’s appearance coincided with the groundwork of WCBDD’s 2022-2024 Strategic Plan as if the phrase were put in front of us as an inspiration and a reminder to keep moving forward, making sure we do not become stagnate in our services.

We gathered input from the community, individuals and their families, and the staff to begin our next three-year journey. Through the feedback received, we were able to identify common themes that supported us in identifying goals to attain our vision for WCBDD. These goals, which we are fully committed to, are outlined in the following pages. With this plan, we vow to keep moving forward in our efforts to improve services that enhance the lives of those we support.


Brenda Riffe

Click the below image to view the Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities 2022-2024 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Feedback Survey

As per DODD Rule 5123-4-01 A county board shall have a mechanism for accepting public feedback regarding the strategic plan and strategic plan progress reports. Please click the button below to complete this form if you have any feedback for us regarding the Strategic Plan. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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